Tropical Towel Scents Towel Fragrances

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Tropical Towel Scents Towel Fragrances For Sports - Spas - Restaurants - Doctors

Tropical Towel Scents Cares About Our Environment

Tropical Towel Scents is proud to say that we use only environmentally  ​safe products.  Our cardboard boxes and plastic containers can be recycled and our packaging materials are made of corn starch so they dissolve with water.  Nothing we use contributes to the landfills.  Our commitment is to sell the very best in botanical fragrances while at the same time protecting our environment.  

There are many uses for Tropical Towel Scents as you will see in the pictures below.  Tropical Towel Scents used as spa fragrances will Relax~Renew~and Rejuvenate you  with warmed or chilled towels.