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 "Tropical Towel Scents has been dedicated to providing
   our customers  with the very best quality liquid botanical
   fragrances for their chilled or warmed scented towels since
   1980.  Our fragrances are pure and natural with no additives or synthetics.  We have hundreds of customers in the USA including most Troon, Trump, and PGA resorts".  Our new low-cost rates to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands have added many new customers to our list.  Thanks to all for making us the preferred supplier of towel scents for 35 years - the oldest company of our type.
Elaine Kass-Thomas, Owner

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Now you can order Tropical Towel Scents on our new shopping cart!  Your fragrant Tropical Towel Scents are just a click away! 
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Tropical Towel Scents sells the best botanical fragrances to the
most exclusive golf and
tennis resorts around the country for their chilled towels.  Our botanical fragrances are specially blended to refresh your guests even on the hottest days and provides them with a special luxury they will always remember.  Chilled towels enhanced with our tropical fragrances are also great for spas, saunas, pool-side and many other activities .  Give your clientele an amenity they will always remember by using the best in tropical fragrances -Tropical Towel Scents.    

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